Wednesday 16 July 2014

Craft fair here I come !

Well, I've decided to have a go at doing my first craft fair.  I don't have a lot of items for sale, but I feel like I need to start I've got my first half table booked at St. Andrews Church in Penrith for the end of this month.  

Here's just a couple of things that will be displayed on my little portion of the table.  

Here is one of my hand made, home made tote bags.  I call it my "Happy Scrappy Tote".  It's fully lined with nice long straps for comfort and strength.  A large black button is used for closure of the bag as well as decoration.  

Also, I have this other bag which I call the "Mosaic Tote".  It is mainly black, red and white and on the front is a mosaic design while on the back it is stitched in a Log Cabin quilt pattern design.  

I'll also be selling blank hasty note cards.  These cards started as a hand painted quilt block pattern done on watercolour paper, then the painting is scanned onto the computer and then printed directly onto the note card.  Here's a couple I have chosen to take to the fair.  One is 'Precious Pinwheel' and the other is  'Muted Maples'.  

So, wish me luck if you are reading the first entry in my blog for some time.  Will update on here later and let everyone know how things went.  Until then, have a good day.