Wednesday 4 January 2017

All Sorted...

     She's home... Fimbri is back safe and sound.  That's the name that I've given to my car, my little C3.  It was a worrying time most of the day thinking about all the parts that needed replacing and the cost and time it would take to do all of it, but in the end, she came  through it brilliantly.  I know this sounds like I'm talking about a child....but you need to know that Fimbri was a special car in the eyes of a special person who has passed away.  I feel now that I'm in charge of taking care of this large piece of machinery the best way I can.
     By the way, the photo of the daffodils? ....  Just a little something to make you yearn for spring.
     Also today, I progressed a bit further on a baby project at the sewing machine.  It's just a little something to go along with the first finished item.... just needed to use up the left over fabrics.  At the price they are these days, you don't waste a square inch.  A cool day all in all... overcast and sunshine taking their turns.

There's Always Something....

January 3rd ...
     Had the day planned today... wait until Mr. T. goes to work, then take my car and get some groceries.  NOT !  Didn't realise that the bang I heard on Sunday afternoon outside my kitchen door was the front coil springs on my car collapsing.  Having not known this had happened, trying to drive the car out of the driveway yesterday was a non starter.
     So after having the car recovered to the nearest garage, and nearly having a heart attack when I was told what damage there was and how much it was going to cost..... I figured I might as well do some sewing as I certainly wasn't going anywhere.  Hopefully, it will get sorted soon.
     Worrying gets you nowhere, so went for a walk along the road that leads into our retirement park.  There's been a cool wind today, but no rain or snow.
     Terry has called several times to try and help get the car sorted, but as I felt it was my responsibility, and he had worries of his own, I took control and sorted it myself.  Sounds like I could have used a bit of patience in all of this, but that's another story.  Onward and upwards as they say.
    Thinking positive that Wednesday will bring good news about the car and I can stop worrying.  Bank account will be a lot lighter but at least I'll be safe driving.

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Gone for another year....

January 2nd....
     The frost overnight was heavy, heavy enough to think we'd had a thin dusting of snow and both cars looked like marshmallows.
     The Christmas tree came down today.  That and all the trimmings, which weren't many in number.  It's amazing how the house, although small, looks that much bigger again.
     So now it's time to progress into another year.  Time to feel positive about everything.  2016 brought the opportunity to own a home, our first one together.  We feel so comfortable here.  It's small, cosy, warm and just what our little hearts have desired for some time.  It's never ceased to amaze me how God works... sending special people to help in the most unusual of situations.
     The baby quilt is finished now, but I have some small pieces of fabric leftover so my thinking cap is on to find a way of using it all up as part of the gift.  Will post a picture when I know it's safe to do so....

Sunday 1 January 2017

New Years Day 2017

Firstly, just want to wish every a very Happy New Year.  It's been a while since I last wrote on here...time to change that.  I'm going to try and manage a few lines more often. 
     It's been a good has been cool with a mixture of sunshine and cloud.  It was even raining at supper time...strange to think that it will soon be turning cold enough for heavy frost again tonight.  Thank Heavens we took a good walk yesterday down by the River Eamont.  The picture shows a lone Spruce tree.        
     Our friends, Lyn and Stu, came over for a quiet cuppa this afternoon. They've been over a few times since we bought our new today it was bringing them up to date with things we have accomplished since their last visit.
     The shed is now up and Terry has been hard at work with the inside work of it.  I've been painting the kitchen cupboards, trying to give it a bit of a little lift instead of the grey that it seems to have all over it.  There is new carpet ordered for the master bedroom now and when all of that is done, it will be time to slow down on the spending.  Everything in our new little home looks great and we are very happy here.

Sunday 14 June 2015

Friday Afternoon Swim

Looking North East
We've had some incredible weather this past week, so we took advantage of a couple of hours on Friday afternoon to head over to the shores of Ullswater for some quiet time.

Looking South West
The water was cool but still a temperature where you could paddle your feet and not feel uncomfortable.  Hubby and I sat on the shoreline rocks and watched Abbigael paddle. Her back legs are weakening slightly these days and the water was the best thing for her. She certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Paddling Abbie
To top off the afternoon we stopped and bought some fish and chips for an afternoon meal.  Although the weekend now has been a bit cooler and wet, having such a lovely week certainly made up for it.

Last summer when my daughter and her family visited from Canada we enjoyed the Ullswater Steamer ride down the lake to Glenridding.

Seeing the shoreline of this lovely lake from the boat was breathtaking.  Can't wait to see it again in the autumn when the colours on the trees start to change.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Craft Fair Weekend

So it was my first craft fair of the year held at St. Andrews Church in Greystoke, Cumbria this past bank holiday weekend.  Since I retired two and a bit weeks ago, I've been busy sewing and crafting getting ready to fill my table.  So here it is, all my bits and pieces.

Craft Table at it's Best
It was a good weekend and I sold about £120 worth of items.  But then of course there is the commission that comes off which goes towards the restoration of parts of the church.  So all in all, it went well.

I sold my two Celtic table runners, of which I'll make more for the next craft fair.  One Peg Bag as well as one Tote Bag found new homes.  There are three less mug rugs than when I started, as well as selling hasty note cards, postcards, Kleenex holders and note book covers.  All well made I must say.  Here's pictures of a couple of other items that were on the table.

Purple Mug Rug
This purple hearts mug rug was one of ten rugs that I had on display, all very different in colour and pattern.  And below, one of the postcards that I made using a special attachment on my sewing machine.

So now that the Greystoke craft fair is done for the time being, I'll concentrate on getting items ready for the next one.  That will be at St. Andrews Church, Penrith, Cumbria on August 6th, 7th and 8th.

A full two plus months to find a good pattern, cut my fabric and create something special to sell.  It shouldn't be that hard.  I already have some great ideas.
Pink Circle Flowers

Today in Penrith the weather has been cool with some sunny spells here and there.  This evening the clouds have started to close in now, and I'm sure there will be some rain soon.

This evening I popped over to Booths where I worked and gave a gift of a hand made quilt to Jodie.  We worked together for quite some time, normally Tuesday evening shifts, and we had so much fun.  It was good to see her and a few of the other great people that I spent a lot of time with.

She is moving soon and I wanted her to stay warm during the cold winters up north in Scotland.  I miss the gang at work, but I miss the ones I worked with closely.  I'm just glad to be able to go in and shop and see them when I want too.

Well, it's been another long day so I'm off to bed.  Will post again soon.  Take care all.

Saturday 9 May 2015

The end of an Era ...

Beautiful Bouquet from Work Mates
That's how is was explained to me today by one of the staff members, and a very good friend of mine, when I left work for the last time.  Today was my final day at Booths in Penrith after three years on the tills.  I have met some wonderful customers and worked with an amazing group of people whom I shall all miss very much.  I'm not sure if it's the end of an era, more like the beginning of the rest of my life in retirement.

This is the lovely arrangement of flowers I received today from the gang at work.  I also received some lovely cards both from work mates and customers.  When I arrived home my husband had a lovely vase full of roses to cheer me up.  I will admit, I'm not sad for leaving as I will always be able to go to the store and shop, and chat, and laugh and visit with all the people who have made the last three years so much fun.

Roses from my husband. 
So now it's time to rethink my days, reschedule my hours, and enjoy my time while the minutes tick by, resting and relaxing to keep this health issue under control.

As they say, so little time, so much to do.  I'm pleased to have been able to finish two baby quilts and get them delivered to the parents to be.  These were for two of my friends at work, Shane and his partner Stephanie, and Annie and her husband Tom.  I wish them all the best.

And last but not least for this evenings entries, a photo of the cards received from my friends at work.  And yes, Natalie, a very appropriate card indeed.

Cards from Work.

So time to get my thinking cap on and get some items made for the first of three craft fairs I will be doing this year.

Take care all my buddies at work, will see you all very soon.  I will eventually run out of potatoes and fresh veggies.  Lots of love to you all.