Tuesday 10 January 2012

New Year, New Thoughts ....

Well, I suppose it's about time I did something about showing a few piccies from the holiday in Canada over Christmas.  We flew from Glasgow Airport and took off just in time, as the weather deteriorated very quickly within a couple of hours.   Within a short time we were well above the clouds and the weather up there compared to down below was the difference between chalk and cheese.  Have a look.....Can you see the rainbow just above the engine?  A circle rainbow ! !  Never seen anything like it before.

It's amazing to think that under all that cloud there was a ferocious storm going on.  We were almost eight hours flying time instead of seven due to the strong head winds.  As we landed at Toronto Airport the sun came out and being five hours behind England time, we were certainly ready for a cuppa.  My daughter Kate was there to pick us up and it didn't take long before we were heading back to her home.

That afternoon I had the chance to surprise my grandson, James, by heading over to his school with Grandpa Terry and his mum to pick him up.  It was a lovely opportunity to get first hand hugs. After supper it was Jame's delight to show Nana and Grandpa the lights on the Christmas Tree in the living room.  James and I still needed to decorate his own tree downstairs in the family room which we did another evening.  That tree was the one that was being saved especially for Santa you see. 

Another lovely surprise when we got to Kate's was the new addition to the family going by the name of 'Balero'.  Approximately one year of age, this small, soft calico feline is a really sweet kitten. 
Balero is a rescue kitten from the S.P.C.A and had only been a resident at the Mason housefold for five days when we arrived.  She has settled in quite nicely and enjoyed Christmas with her new family. 
She is a curious little beast and had a few unusual adventures throughout the house during our visit.


  1. Glad you had a good holiday Tessa!

  2. Your rainbow Tessa, is a Corona,it's made because the sun is behind the plane and it's the plane making it!!!! That's what DH says anyway and he has certainly seen some strange weather formations over his 15 years flying above the clouds!!!!
    Glad you had a super holiday. Love the cat too!!!!!