Tuesday 26 May 2015

Craft Fair Weekend

So it was my first craft fair of the year held at St. Andrews Church in Greystoke, Cumbria this past bank holiday weekend.  Since I retired two and a bit weeks ago, I've been busy sewing and crafting getting ready to fill my table.  So here it is, all my bits and pieces.

Craft Table at it's Best
It was a good weekend and I sold about £120 worth of items.  But then of course there is the commission that comes off which goes towards the restoration of parts of the church.  So all in all, it went well.

I sold my two Celtic table runners, of which I'll make more for the next craft fair.  One Peg Bag as well as one Tote Bag found new homes.  There are three less mug rugs than when I started, as well as selling hasty note cards, postcards, Kleenex holders and note book covers.  All well made I must say.  Here's pictures of a couple of other items that were on the table.

Purple Mug Rug
This purple hearts mug rug was one of ten rugs that I had on display, all very different in colour and pattern.  And below, one of the postcards that I made using a special attachment on my sewing machine.

So now that the Greystoke craft fair is done for the time being, I'll concentrate on getting items ready for the next one.  That will be at St. Andrews Church, Penrith, Cumbria on August 6th, 7th and 8th.

A full two plus months to find a good pattern, cut my fabric and create something special to sell.  It shouldn't be that hard.  I already have some great ideas.
Pink Circle Flowers

Today in Penrith the weather has been cool with some sunny spells here and there.  This evening the clouds have started to close in now, and I'm sure there will be some rain soon.

This evening I popped over to Booths where I worked and gave a gift of a hand made quilt to Jodie.  We worked together for quite some time, normally Tuesday evening shifts, and we had so much fun.  It was good to see her and a few of the other great people that I spent a lot of time with.

She is moving soon and I wanted her to stay warm during the cold winters up north in Scotland.  I miss the gang at work, but I miss the ones I worked with closely.  I'm just glad to be able to go in and shop and see them when I want too.

Well, it's been another long day so I'm off to bed.  Will post again soon.  Take care all.

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  1. Glad the sale went well for you and the church.