Sunday 14 June 2015

Friday Afternoon Swim

Looking North East
We've had some incredible weather this past week, so we took advantage of a couple of hours on Friday afternoon to head over to the shores of Ullswater for some quiet time.

Looking South West
The water was cool but still a temperature where you could paddle your feet and not feel uncomfortable.  Hubby and I sat on the shoreline rocks and watched Abbigael paddle. Her back legs are weakening slightly these days and the water was the best thing for her. She certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Paddling Abbie
To top off the afternoon we stopped and bought some fish and chips for an afternoon meal.  Although the weekend now has been a bit cooler and wet, having such a lovely week certainly made up for it.

Last summer when my daughter and her family visited from Canada we enjoyed the Ullswater Steamer ride down the lake to Glenridding.

Seeing the shoreline of this lovely lake from the boat was breathtaking.  Can't wait to see it again in the autumn when the colours on the trees start to change.

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  1. You have such beautiful scenery there, Tessa. X