Sunday 1 January 2017

New Years Day 2017

Firstly, just want to wish every a very Happy New Year.  It's been a while since I last wrote on here...time to change that.  I'm going to try and manage a few lines more often. 
     It's been a good has been cool with a mixture of sunshine and cloud.  It was even raining at supper time...strange to think that it will soon be turning cold enough for heavy frost again tonight.  Thank Heavens we took a good walk yesterday down by the River Eamont.  The picture shows a lone Spruce tree.        
     Our friends, Lyn and Stu, came over for a quiet cuppa this afternoon. They've been over a few times since we bought our new today it was bringing them up to date with things we have accomplished since their last visit.
     The shed is now up and Terry has been hard at work with the inside work of it.  I've been painting the kitchen cupboards, trying to give it a bit of a little lift instead of the grey that it seems to have all over it.  There is new carpet ordered for the master bedroom now and when all of that is done, it will be time to slow down on the spending.  Everything in our new little home looks great and we are very happy here.

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