Wednesday 4 January 2017

All Sorted...

     She's home... Fimbri is back safe and sound.  That's the name that I've given to my car, my little C3.  It was a worrying time most of the day thinking about all the parts that needed replacing and the cost and time it would take to do all of it, but in the end, she came  through it brilliantly.  I know this sounds like I'm talking about a child....but you need to know that Fimbri was a special car in the eyes of a special person who has passed away.  I feel now that I'm in charge of taking care of this large piece of machinery the best way I can.
     By the way, the photo of the daffodils? ....  Just a little something to make you yearn for spring.
     Also today, I progressed a bit further on a baby project at the sewing machine.  It's just a little something to go along with the first finished item.... just needed to use up the left over fabrics.  At the price they are these days, you don't waste a square inch.  A cool day all in all... overcast and sunshine taking their turns.

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