Wednesday 4 January 2017

There's Always Something....

January 3rd ...
     Had the day planned today... wait until Mr. T. goes to work, then take my car and get some groceries.  NOT !  Didn't realise that the bang I heard on Sunday afternoon outside my kitchen door was the front coil springs on my car collapsing.  Having not known this had happened, trying to drive the car out of the driveway yesterday was a non starter.
     So after having the car recovered to the nearest garage, and nearly having a heart attack when I was told what damage there was and how much it was going to cost..... I figured I might as well do some sewing as I certainly wasn't going anywhere.  Hopefully, it will get sorted soon.
     Worrying gets you nowhere, so went for a walk along the road that leads into our retirement park.  There's been a cool wind today, but no rain or snow.
     Terry has called several times to try and help get the car sorted, but as I felt it was my responsibility, and he had worries of his own, I took control and sorted it myself.  Sounds like I could have used a bit of patience in all of this, but that's another story.  Onward and upwards as they say.
    Thinking positive that Wednesday will bring good news about the car and I can stop worrying.  Bank account will be a lot lighter but at least I'll be safe driving.

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